First Impressions Matter: 10 Branding Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

How much does branding matter? Some companies will pay groups up to $50,000 at a time to pin down a brand. 

And that money can be well-spent. A good brand can hook customers and keep them coming back for more. 

But branding for a small business isn’t always easy. 

We’re here to help. We’ve picked out some expert branding tips built to establish and grow small businesses. Read on for 10 keys to branding for small businesses.

How Branding Tips Can Help

Solid branding can boost a company’s reputation and sales. That’s because a good brand pushes the messages of a group and connects with customers.

But branding actually fits a classic pattern of human behavior. Science shows people like to put things in categories. And good brands feed into this natural behavior.

That means solid brands can connect a simple image or symbol to a customer’s feelings or ideas. And that can boost sales and build out a customer base.

Here are some top keys to branding for small businesses:

1. Pick a Specific Audience

One of the most important steps in setting up a killer brand is picking out the audience. And that means identifying the specific group of people the brand will best appeal to. 

When it comes to targeting an audience, the most details that can be picked out, the better. This can help small businesses tailor the brand to the people who need the product the most.

2. Be Sincere

Authenticity is one of the top priorities for millennials. And consumers can be turned off quickly if they think the brand is too stiff or robotic.

Instead, develop a human voice that promotes a product or messages that resonate with consumers.

3. Form a Voice

This means letting the company’s unique personality shine through. It’s smart to start by nailing down the company’s priorities, values, and mission.

Companies that understand their strengths can showcase them through the messages they broadcast. 

4. Give Back

Giving back to the community through community service can build a brand on several levels.

First, it builds brand awareness and helps the company connect with the community. It also is a good way to naturally intertwine the brand with a positive, interactive reputation.

5. Use Social Platforms

This means advertising a business on social media. And that can boost brand awareness.

It’s also an easy way to send key messages to consumers.

6. Build a Presence

Once a business figures out its mission and messages, it’s time to dig in and build a presence. That means setting up a strategy that uses a bunch of different platforms.

The main key to building a presence is keeping a brand and its messages consistent.

7. Make Employees Ambassadors

Employees should be walking billboards for the brand.

That means employees should promote the messages of a brand in their physical presentation and their actions.

8. Don’t Mimic the Big Brands

It can be tempting to copy giant companies. That can be a big mistake.

Instead, develop an authentic brand with a voice that fits the small business’ unique clients.

9. Team up with Others

Small businesses can benefit from connecting with other local businesses. This can build brand awareness and it can promote mutual growth.

Consider setting up deals with other companies that include things like interlinking on the web. The idea is to get other business pros to help drive traffic to a website.

10. Define the Mission

This means mapping out the priorities of the brand. And it means deciding exactly what messages the business wants at the center of the brand.

From there, the brand should reflect that mission as often as possible.

More in Branding

These top branding tips should set small businesses on a course to a solid brand. And we have more in branding help.

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