5 SEO Hacks Startups Have to Try

There are a million and one things to worry about when launching a business. One consideration at the top of the list should be search engine optimization.

The majority of marketers believe SEO needs to be a top priority and that’s understandable with more than 100 billion Google searches performed each month they know how important it is to rank highly in those results.

SEO for startups is an essential part of any digital marketing plan but can seem overwhelming to a newbie. 

Never fear! We’ve got 5 SEO hacks to help your startup stand out and get noticed.

Let’s get started!

1. User-Friendly Mobile First Website

One of the best things you can do for your SEO efforts is to make sure your site is fast loading and user-friendly. Even a page loading delay of a few seconds can send visitors running to another site never to return.

It’s not enough to just load quickly on the computer you’re creating your website with, you need it to load fast on any device that a visitor may be using. More than half of all internet users access it through their phone or mobile device.

Google and other search engines have adapted their algorithms to take this factor into account when ranking results. This means sites that are developed to be Mobile-First will place higher in search results than if they weren’t created for mobile access.

2. Research and Keywords

There’s no sense spending your time, energy and resources on creating content that no one can find or even looking for.

Keywords are a way to help the right internet searchers and search engines know you have the information they’re looking for. Knowing what keywords users search with is essential to delivering content people actually want. 

Using those keywords with 1-3% density in your content along with other SEO tactics will help you show up in the results for related searches performed.

3. Visual Content

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially on the internet. Visual content will get you more visitors, conversions, and interactions with 650% higher engagement for content with images over those pages with just text.

Humans have short attention spans and with over a billion pages it’s hard to grab their attention and keep it. Videos and images not only get their initial attention but can keep them on your site for longer and gives them more incentive to share with others.

The more shares, comments, and interactions your content gets, the more exposure your site gets. You can reach consumers that would otherwise never know about your business.

4. Be a Social Butterfly

Social media is an effective and economical way to reach a wider audience and expand your business following.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms give you the opportunity to connect with billions of users if you know how to use social media to it’s fullest potential.

Sharing links for blog posts, new promotions, business information, and other relevant marketing and industry content will help drive potential customers to your site and give them more chances to share your business info with all their follower’s friends, and associates.

5. Be Consistent

Be consistent in adding new content to your site so that visitors always have something fresh to entice them to return often.

You also want to be consistent in how you provide information.  

If you are posting business contact information on various sites or in different directories or locations make sure you are consistent in how you provide it. This will help search engine algorithms know each listing is related to the same business.

SEO for Startups Doesn’t Have to be Scary

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the thought of SEO for startups because there is always help available.

Connect with us and we’ll help you get started today.