Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO Anyways?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a service that helps your business rank higher in search results on Google and other search engines. 

Ranking on Google is a popularity contest of sorts. Google wants to send its users where they can get the most relevant information possible. If you think about it, if Google always sent you to places that didn’t give you good information, would you continue to use it?

Our SEO services are what make your website that relevant and up to date source of information so that Google will send you the traffic that will eventually lead to more sales. 

White Hat SEO

“White Hat SEO” is a term used to describe SEO techniques tailored to the user, not the search engine.

Black Hat SEO

“Black Hat SEO” is a term used to describe SEO techniques that try and “trick” Google into thinking that your site is relevant. 

Ok, So What All Goes Into SEO?

Great question! SEO is a complex beast and it’s ever-changing. Google doesn’t exactly make it easy to rank high and they do that on purpose. They use a complex algorithm to determine what sites make it to the top and which ones don’t.  There are however a few things that remain valueable and true.

High Quality Content

Content is king in SEO. This can be blog articles, information about your products or services, ect.


Researching keywords, search trends and information about your target customer is key in any SEO strategy. You have to know what your customer is searching for so you can rank for it.

Link Building

In this crazy popularity contest that Google has, they want to know that your site is "popular". How do you show them that? With links both internally on your website and back and forth with other websites.

Website Structure / Performance

Another big factor is website structure and performance. Google wants to know that they're sending people to a fast loading and well built site. Not something that is going to frustrate the user and make them bounce off.

We Have SEO Plans For Almost Any Budget.

Are you ready to talk to someone about getting your website ranking better on Google? Let’s have a free, no-hassle phone call or meeting and talk it over. No sales tactics; we promise.

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