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How It All Started.

If you’ve landed on this page it’s no surprise. In fact, did you know that the “about” page is typically the second most viewed page on most small business websites? Facts.

My name is Dakota Dowell and I’m the owner and project manager here at Ignite Creative. I started this business back in 2017 as sort of a side hustle. Back then I was a deputy sheriff at a local sheriff’s office and as many law enforcement officers, I needed to make some extra dough.

I actually built my first website back in high school for FBLA. That website went on to do very well in a state competition and I really enjoyed doing it but at that time, it didn’t really seem like a career option. After that I went on to pursue my dreams of chasing bad guys, driving fast and all the other fun stuff I saw on COPS. Fast forward a few years and I’m chasing paperwork more than I am bad guys and doing friend’s websites on the side. 

As my little side hustle began to grow, I started immersing myself into the design, business and marketing world. I learned everything I could and began taking on larger and more complex projects. I learned more skills like graphic design, social media, and photography to expand my service offering. Eventually I became so busy that I had to make a decision. It was time to take “the leap”.

I now live the American dream. I started a business from literally nothing and can now work for myself full time. I’ve got more than 50 fantastic clients that I work with on a regular basis and have built in total over 200 websites for clients across the U.S. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with some great graphic designers, videographers and other professionals to provide services at a level that I could never have achieved on my own. I’ve recently expanded my business and now have offices in Branson, Missouri as well as West Plains, Missouri. 

Since I started this business, my goal has always been to not only provide a quality service, but also create a fantastic experience for those who hire me. If you’ve ever hired a marketing company or website designer, it’s likely that you’ve had a bad experience. Maybe they ghosted you or maybe just took your money and did a bad job. You’re not alone. Many of my clients have the same horror stories. 

I’ve made it a point that no matter the situation, I will always provide a personal, professional and stress-free experience for anyone who hires me. When you hire Ignite Creative for a project, you can rest assured that I will always be answering the phone and that you will always be taken care of. No more talking to a different person every time you call. No more outrageous pricing to cover some fancy agency office and overhead. Just quality services and even better client relationships.

I’m in this for the long haul. Not the quick buck.

I look forward to working with you. 

Dakota Dowell
Owner / Project Manager

Locally Owned & Operated

Proudly serving small businesses, public safety organizations and non-profits.

Dakota Dowell
Owner / Project Manager
Kassidy Dowell
Owner / Financial Director
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