Social Media – Tips & Tricks For Your Business

It’s 2019 and the social media era is booming. While some people may turn up their nose at platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, you may want to take advantage of what they offer. Here’s a few things social media can do to help your business growth:

Gain Exposure

Literally BILLIONS of people are on social media every day. Just by having and using a social media account for your business you will reach customers that may have never seen an ad or billboard you put out. Oh and it’s FREE…

Build Relationships

Personal relationships have a place in business and people trust those they can relate with. A few social media posts every now and then that let your potential customers know that there’s a person behind the business can really help develop that trust and connection. On the same note, keep your posts both professional and fun. Find a balance that works for you and engage your audience.


Where better to advertise than somewhere you can target your desired audience and reach more people than a sign or postcard ever would? While many businesses won’t see a crazy return on paid social media ads, it’s a great way to get your name out there and establish a brand. We recommend a couple paid ads per month to keep your name fresh in people’s minds.

Socials To Website & Website To Socials

Link up all your social media accounts to your website and link your website on all your social media accounts. It’s great practice for several reasons including SEO. It also helps your potential customers validate your business.

“Likes” & Reviews

Encourage your customers to like and follow your social media pages and to leave reviews.There’s nothing like a few thousand Facebook likes and a bunch of 5 star reviews to push that customer closer to using your business.

The Bottom Line…

Social media is a (mostly) free tool that should be utilized in the business world. It functions well for most any type of business or organization and can be used for a wide variety of things. If you don’t have one already, go sign up for Facebook and take a step in the right direction for your business.