Need a Change? 7 Creative Website Ideas You Have to Try

According to experts, most people spend fewer than 15 seconds actively browsing a webpage. That means you couldn’t even belt out the world’s fastest elevator pitch before your customers have tuned out and logged off! 

The reality is that we live in a fast-paced world filled with so much pomp and circumstance that it’s hard to stay focused on anything. In the world of business and web design that simply means we need to try better to capture people’s attention quicker. 

Eye-catching and creative website ideas are a great way to get a jumpstart on retaining viewership. Let’s discuss seven of the most creative we’ve come across so far! 

1. Create Centerpieces

Just like if you were designing your perfect kitchen or living room, it helps to give your website a standout centerpiece. 

We’re not talking a giant plant or bright red couch, but use photography and illustrations that stand out. For example, if you sell products, use large, high-quality product photos as headers for certain pages. 

If you provide services, use images of people doing relative activities to your business and creatively work that around your content. 

2. Adopt the Infinite Scroll

If you’re looking for the best website ideas, consider the ever-popular parallax scrolling. This is when a website seemingly infinitely scrolls and changes as it scrolls.

Instead of having multiple webpages that you have to click through, you scroll and the website morphs into a new section or topic. This is a distinct and creative idea that also happens to be mobile friendly! 

3. Give Your Business a Face 

Whether your business has a physical storefront or not, you may want to consider humanizing yourself by showing your offices. 

Create a virtual tour by buying or renting a 360-degree camera and taking 360-degree photos throughout your offices. This will make for a personable touch with your clientele. 

4. Use Memorable Headlines and Headers

Whether you’re blogging or writing copy for a webpage, make sure your headlines and/or headers are memorable. You want this to stand out because it will draw in the reader’s attention and make them want to see what’s next, view a product page, etc. 

5. Make Your CTAs Stand Out

At some point, you need to give your visitors a “call to action.” This is usually in the form of contacting you or viewing a product or service. 

If you just need some simple website ideas, then find a creative way to make your CTAs stand out. Maybe you can use a separate graphic that makes the CTA clear, such as a “Click here” or “Contact Now” button. 

6. Create Urgency 

Maybe you’re holding a flash sale, maybe you’re creating content that is timely and needs to be consumed ASAP. Regardless, find ways to make your website content urgent. 

Either set time limits to sales, use pressing language in content, or use graphics and videos that compel the visitor to “act now!” 

7. Reduce Clutter

Among the unique website ideas out there, one of the best is the idea of mouseover text. 

In general, you want to reduce clutter, so that your web design is clean and engaging and to avoid confusion and frustration. Mouseover text is when you can temporarily see more information while your cursor hovers over a specific area. 

It is an excellent way to pack more content into a small space with less clutter. 

Exploring The Best Website Ideas

In today’s world, almost every business has a website. If you don’t, you should, and if you do, then chances are high you could use some creative website ideas to increase traffic. 

If you’d like to see your business’s website take off, take a look at our web development services and ask how we can help!