Is Your Property Ready For Professional Photography? 10 Tips For Great Listing Photography

If you’re investing in professional photography for your next real estate listing or short term rental, it’s important that your property is “photo ready”. After years of experience, we’ve put together a list of 10 things that will ensure your property will stand out amongst the rest.

1. Ensure all lights and lamps have matching (and working) light bulbs

It may seem trivial, but having matching color temperatures in all light fixtures makes a huge difference in final photos. If you don’t want to go through the expense of buying all new light bulbs, at least make sure that they match on a room by room basis.

2. Remove all unnecessary clutter from kitchen and bathroom countertops

We’re all guilty of throwing random items on the counters, but make sure to hide all that stuff before a photoshoot. It’s also good to go ahead and remove things like dish soap, paper towels, hand towels, tooth brushes, personal items, etc from the counters.

3. Make all beds nicely.

You may not be the type that cares too much about what your bed looks like, but it’s always good for photos to have a nicely made bed. Try to eliminate wrinkled sheets and other bedding as well.

4. Hide trash cans

This one can be personal preference, but hiding your trash cans is a great way to reduce clutter. Put your trash cans in a closet or pantry prior to the shoot.

5. Make sure as many cords and electronics as possible are hidden

Cords can really make a living room or bedroom look cluttered or unorganized. Take the time to hide them. There are many DIY options available today when it comes to hiding TV and other electronic cords.

6. Close toilet lids

Ensure all toilet lids are closed. Plain and simple.

7. Hide pet toys, bowls and litter boxes

We love our furry friends, but believe it or not some people just aren’t pet people. Take a few minutes to hide pet toys, dog bowls and litter boxes when possible.

8. Remove cars, boats and other items from the driveway

For exterior and drone shots, do your best to remove all cars from the driveway. It’s also good to try and hide utility trailers, boats, ATV’s and other toys from the area immediately surrounding the home.

9. Open all your curtains and blinds

As photographers, we love natural light. Open all your blinds and curtains to let as much in as possible. If you’re not going to be present for the shoot, we can do this part for you.

10. All lights on, all fans off!

And finally, our last but definitely not least important tip is to turn every light and lamp in the house on! But keep the fans off so you don’t get the blur from the fan blades in the photos. This is also something we can take care of when we arrive if you’re not present for the shoot.

All seems pretty easy right? Doing the right prep before a photoshoot makes a huge difference in the final product. If you’re looking to book your next real estate photoshoot, contact us!