Airbnb Photography: How Images Impact Booking Decisions

During the recent solar eclipse, 92% of Airbnb and VRBO listings were booked along the totality path. Wow! This highlights yet another reason it’s a great time to be a vacation rental owner. One of the most important things for your listing is to use quality images. When it comes to booking accommodations, potential guests often make split-second decisions based on what they see. Let’s take a look at how important images are when it comes to booking decisions by your potential guests. 

Photos Are the Hook

Gorgeous photos convey what your space is about more effectively than anything else. From the cover photo to the gems in your scroll, high-resolution images allow potential guests to get a quick preview of your rental. Decisions are made so quickly, with the swipe of our phones. Potential guests can add or remove properties to their wishlist in just seconds. Photos play a huge role in guest decisions. Also, while anyone can snap a few pictures with their smartphone, investing in professional photography is often a good idea.

Creating an Emotional Connection

Humans are visual creatures, and we tend to form emotional connections with what we see. Striking images that highlight the unique features and charm of a property can elicit positive emotions and resonate with potential guests on a deep level. Whether you own a cabin at Lake of the Ozarks or a modern apartment Springfield, compelling visuals can inspire bookings.

Building Trust

Studies have shown that photos have a direct correlation to the rental host’s “perceived trustworthiness.” Given that trust is so important, you want to avoid any misrepresentation about your rental or its neighborhood. Professional photographs showcase the best features of a property and also convey a sense of reliability, authenticity, and trust. 

Setting Expectations

Part of trust is setting realistic expectations. Quality images provide potential guests with a realistic preview of what to expect during their stay. From the layout of the rooms to the amenities offered, every detail matters. By accurately portraying the property through photographs, hosts can manage guests’ expectations and reduce the likelihood of disappointments or misunderstandings upon arrival.

Conveying Hospitality

When browsing through Airbnb listings, some users are looking for a place to stay while they travel for work. But as summer approaches, many folks are searching for longer stays, which includes getting good hospitality from the host. It can be a challenge to convey hospitality with photos, but there are ways to do it. Photographs of hand-made signs, personalized guest books, and personalized posters with instructions and inspirational sayings can make a positive impact on those wanting to stay with you. 

With Airbnb, first impressions are formed online through photographs. If you’re a host, you want folks to enjoy your rental, and you certainly don’t want it to sit empty. We hope this post has helped you see that quality images are key to booking decisions. Do you need help staging or photographing your Airbnb rental? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.