5 Great Logo Design Tips to Make Your Company Logo Stand Out Online

In 1971, Carolyn Davis charged Nike $35 to create the company’s iconic swoosh.

You might wonder how that logo has lasted so long in its position, and become so well known over the years.

These logo design tips are here to help you answer that question, and create a similar legacy for your brand and its logo.

1. Know Your Brand

If your logo doesn’t match your brand, it won’t convey the image it’s supposed to.

It’s hard to see the Nike logo and not picture athletic wear. It’s impossible to see McDonald’s golden arch logo and not immediately smell those french fries.

Those two examples are perfect because even children understand what they represent. The companies had a brand in mind, and have made a fortune reproducing it onto everything they create.

Even if this isn’t a goal of yours, your logo should be able to achieve the same effect.

2. Keep Everything Cohesive

This ties back into your knowing your brand.

If you create a sleek, modern logo design, then everything associated with your brand should have that same energy. The same goes for a luxurious design, a quirky design, even an ultra-artistic design.

Carry the same colors throughout your brand as well. Create a color palette for your brand (Never exceed 3-4 colors) research the psychology behind colors, and decide what mood you want your brand — and its logo design — to convey.

3. Keep It Simple

Yes, I mentioned “ultra-artistic” logo design in the last tip, but you should avoid anything complicated. Simplicity leads to timelessness, and that is not taken for granted.

Think about it. Disney is an international company, but its logo is used in every country and has been for decades. It’s been redone over the years without any major changes. That logo bobs and weaves through whatever Disney puts in front of it.

You should consider the same for your company, especially if you don’t want to have to rebrand at any point. 

Overwhelming potential clients when they’ve only seen your logo doesn’t leave a good first impression, which is everything in today’s fast-paced world.

4. Test Your Logo’s Scalability

Size matters here. Your logo needs to work on the smallest of scales, but also the biggest.

Designing as a vector file achieves this. The file type is high-quality and ideal for scalability.

5. Think About Marketing

Consider where you’re going to market and the role of your logo design. Target audience plays a large role in any company, and you want to make sure you’re appealing to your demographic.

Your brand, logo, and colors need to be considered as if they’re one entity, not separate parts. 

Carry These Logo Design Tips into Other Parts of Your Business

Whether you’re creating a blog, selling art, or designing things for clients, these logo design tips can be carried into other aspects of your business.

Everything you create should be kept simple, convey your brand’s message, and travel well into the future.

If you’re curious about achieving these things in other aspects of your business, check out our blog or contact us today.