Real Estate Photography Tips for Sellers

Nearly half of all home buyers start their search online.

When you list a house, whether it’s independently or through a realtor, you need to get it online. Doing so will increase the number of eyes on the listing and help you garner more attention from buyers. 

No home listing is complete without professional-looking real estate photography. Today, we’ll give you some real estate photography tips that’ll make your home stand out from the rest.

Great pictures and a thorough description of your home make it easier to sell your home faster and for a better price. Keep reading and take your real estate photos to the next level. 

Hire a Professional

Unless you’re a professional photographer in your own right, getting amazing shots of your home is going to be tough.

Over 80% of buyers claimed professional photos helped them decide which homes to visit. It’s worth the investment to have professional photos and videos that actually showcase your home in the best light.

At Ignite Creative, we have all of the professional skills and equipment to ensure your house comes across the way you want it to. Our 3 photography and video packages contain everything you’d ever need for high-quality photos that make a difference.

Think About Staging

Before you have a professional photographer come over, think about staging your home. A professionally staged home spends significantly less time on the market because it’s easier for buyers to visualize themselves in it. 

If you’re finding it difficult to fit home staging into the budget, you can have it done on a picture-by-picture basis. As an add-on, we can perform virtual staging on specific photos so that you get the benefits of staging without the trouble of going through it.

Drone Shots

Take one look at any home listing site, and you’ll see how important drone shots are. Drones help the buyer get a sense of what the entire property looks like, rather than just the ground-level pictures of the home and yard.

All of our photo and video packages include drone shots of your property. It’s a proven method that’ll help your property come across in a more effective way.

Do a Walkthrough

It’s undeniable that professional photography is an important aspect of selling a home. Nowadays, however, it can be really helpful to include walkthrough videos for buyers that can’t make it to an open house. 

A quality walkthrough video, either with your realtor as a guide or without, can give a buyer on the other side of the country a similar experience to buyers that live in your city. It helps to increase your pool of potential buyers, which in turn helps to sell your home faster and for more money.

Taking Real Estate Photography Tips to Heart

These real estate photography tips will ensure that your house is in the best position to sell quickly. With a professional photographer on the job, you can be sure that your home is going to be shown in an effective and realistic way.

To learn more about our real estate photography packages, visit our site. When you’re ready to schedule a date for one of our photographers to come to your home, don’t hesitate to fill out our online quote form.