Why Your Business Needs A Website

If you want to run a successful business in 2018, you need a website. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. New Customers

Word of mouth only travels so far and is often not effective with clients that are new to the area or may not associate with the people that know you. In 2018, most people reach out to Google when they’re looking for someone to hire, or a new place to eat. In fact, more than 81% of consumers research online before buying a product or service. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on a ton of potential clients.

2. Show Off Your Product Or Service

Customers need to know why they should use your business over somebody else. A website provides you with the opportunity to display your product the way that you want. Pictures, videos, and interactive elements can all be implemented into your website to make your product stand out from your competitors.

3. Customers Look For Your Website

Believe it or not, but many consumers validate a company based on their website, and they expect you to have one. If a customer has to choose between a company with a professional and informative website and a company with an outdated website, or no website at all, they will almost always choose the company with the more professional web presence.

4. Your Website Works Even While You’re Off

Sometimes, there is no way to determine when somebody will be searching for a product or service. The great thing about a website is that it is your 24/7 marketing employee. Midnight on a Saturday night? Your website is there to answer questions for potential clients while you’re not.

5. Advertising Investment

When you think of advertising, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Billboards, flyers, or mailing material? Those are all great options but what is the cost of all that material over a years time and how many consumers are those options reaching? The downside to traditional marketing methods is a restricted audience. You’re only reaching the people that travel the road that your billboard is on or that go in the store where your flyer is posted. The advantage of having a website is that the potential reach is much larger and you have the ability to target specific audiences.

The Bottom Line…

There are a ton of reasons why your business needs a professional and up to date website. A website for your business will increase your credibility, reach new clients, grow your revenue, and help you compete with the big guys. At Ignite Creative, we help you accomplish these goals and make the process painless and affordable for all business models.

Give us a shout and lets talk about how we can help you grow your business.