What Are Geometric Fonts and Why Brands Should Use Them

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Well, not always. In fact, 95% of online information comes to us in words, not images.

When you’re choosing brand fonts for your company or web design, font choice matters. The way words look can have an impact on the mood and decision-making of the reader. 

Many web designers and marketers find that geometric fonts put viewers in the mood to buy or click on what they’re selling.

Sound like something your company needs? Read on for your guide to geometric fonts and how they can benefit your brand.

What Are Geometric Fonts?

Geometric fonts are a typography based on geometric shapes, such as perfect circles or clearly defined angles and squares. These shapes create a very structured character for each of the letters.

Some examples of popular geometric fonts are Gilroy, Ciruclar, and Avenir. But there are many, many more options to choose from.

These fonts first appeared in the 1920s as designers began incorporating architectural elements into typography. They resurged in popularity in the 1970s and again in the 1990s, and now they reign supreme on the internet.

Some of the biggest and most successful internet companies use geometric fonts. Google, Airbnb, and Spotify all employ a geometric typography that has served their brand well. The iconic, colorful Google logo is one of the most recognizable instances of a successful branding font.

How Can Geometric Fonts Help Your Brand?

Typography, in general, has a huge impact on how consumers perceive your brand. Your choice in font can make (or break) the effectiveness of your marketing.

Choosing the right font can make consumers feel happy, or sad, or more likely to buy something – or less. You want your font to draw in those clicks and the money!

Typeface can also make your product appear cheaper or more expensive!

Geometric fonts present a clean, simple design, representing purity and balance. Consumers look for these qualities in brands they trust.

Many technology brands also want to be seen as modern, straightforward, and cutting edge – all qualities expressed by the clean lines of geometric fonts.

Geometric Fonts are In

The trend right now seems to be moving towards geometric typography. It’s a great font to use for clean and dynamic web design as well as other marketing campaigns. 

A geometric typography offers versatility to your brand design, as well as a softer, more human look. The simple but adaptable font can be the best one to help your company connect with your consumers.

The Right Font Makes a Difference

Remember that the point of marketing, though, is to set your brand and your company apart. Geometric fonts can be great, and they might be the right choice for your company. But make sure to check with experts before you make that final decision! 

Let’s talk about your branding font! Contact us today to see whether geometric fonts are the right choice for your company.