Website Hosting & Maintenance

Fast. Secure. Reliable.

Alright you have that shiny new website; now what? 

All websites need hosting and maintenance. Hosting is the storage space that “hosts” all of your website’s files. So all those lines of code, images and other data is stored on a server somewhere and that is where your web browser pulls the information from to display your website. No hosting = no website. Think of it as the cup that holds your coffee. No cup = coffee everywhere.

Website maintenance is required to keep your website running smoothly. As technology advances, it’s necessary to make sure your website remains compatible with all the different browsers and devices. Compare this to the oil changes your car needs. If you go long enough without an oil change, you’ll eventually get stranded.

Not all Hosting Is Created Equal.

Hosting is similar to a lot of things in life. There are high quality versions and low quality versions. The problem with low quality hosting is that it is often not secure, not fast and not reliable. This can cause all kinds of problems for your website. 

We have partnered with one of the world’s leading hosting providers to provide our clients with high speed, secure and reliable cloud hosting.

What Makes Us Different?

Glad you asked! Our number one goal has always been customer service and our website hosting and maintenance plans are no exception to that rule. 

Tech Support

Included in all of our monthly web hosting and maintenance plans is tech support. Any issues with your website we handle at no additional charge.


There isn't much that's more important than security these days. Especially online. We guarantee that your website is safe in our hands. If a hack were to ever occur, we cover all costs associated with restoring your website.


We have a standard software suite that we use on our sites. This software can range from performance to additional features and functions. You get it all at your disposal when you use Ignite for your website hosting provider.

Quick Turnarounds

One of the biggest reasons our clients love us is that we always get changes and edits done to their site quickly. Most of the time same day.

We Have Website Hosting & Maintenance plans to fit any budget.

Really though, our prices are pretty dang good. 

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