Photo Readiness Guidelines

The property should be photo ready upon our arrival. If the property is not ready upon our arrival, we will give the owner / rep up to 15 minutes from the scheduled shoot time to get the property ready. If the property cannot be ready within 15 minutes, the owner will have the option of an additional trip fee, or to shoot the property as is. Please visit our photoshoot readiness guide to learn more about what makes a property “photo ready”.

Property Access

The person submitting this form is responsible for providing access to the property. If our photographer arrives at the property and cannot access for whatever reason, a trip fee will be charged. Our photographer will do their best to contact the owner / rep in this situation, but will leave after waiting for 15 minutes if access has not been granted.

Photo Usage Guidelines

In general, we retain the copyrights to all photos we take unless agreed upon otherwise with the client. We do this preliminary to prevent the resale of our photos for profit by third parties. 

If you’re unsure about using the photos for a specific purpose, please refer to the guidelines below. If you’re still unsure, just contact us!

What is allowed:

  1. Using the photos on online platforms such as the MLS, AirBNB, VRBO, social media, etc. 
  2. Using the photos in print advertising, billboards and other marketing materials. 
  3. Using the photos to advertise the property for it’s original purpose (for sale or rental).
  4. Printing the photos in things like guest books, closing gifts, etc.

What is not allowed:

  1. Selling the photos to a 3rd party for any reason. 
  2. Allowing a new owner / agent to use the photos without prior consent from the photographer. 
  3. Using the photos in lieu of money or as part of a transaction.
  4. Sending the photos to media outlets without prior consent from us. This includes newspapers, TV, magazines, etc. 
    1. The exception to this particular rule would be if that media outlet was helping to advertise the property for its original intended purpose. 

We would like to note that in most scenarios, just ask! We’re happy to accommodate and have zero interest in chasing down copyright violations all day 🙂