How Video Marketing Can Supplement Your SEO

Did you know that 82% of all traffic online is video-related? Based on those stats alone its obvious that combining SEO and video marketing will positively affect your website traffic.

But on top of that, adding video to your website increases the chances of a front page listing on Google by 53x. It’s a win-win situation.

Interested? Keep reading to learn about the advantages of video marketing and how it helps businesses like yours.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

The main goal of every SEO campaign is ranking on the first page of Google. As we mentioned above, adding video to your website increases the chances of getting that coveted spot.

Why do videos rank better than text-based pages? Google gives video results priority. Their thinking is that videos better answer user inquiries versus a webpage that’s optimized for a set of keywords.

This video prioritizing started in 2013 with the Hummingbird update.

Decreased Bounce Rates

Google tracks how much time a visitor stays on a site once they get there. If they leave after viewing a single page, the bounce rate for that site goes up. A high bounce rate will negatively affect rankings.

The average attention span of a person today is under eight seconds; fast engagement is essential. Video to the rescue!

Videos attract attention and keep visitors on the site for longer. The best way to decrease bounce rates with video are:

Use Clear-Cut Video Titles

Deceiving users with a title that doesn’t match your content won’t get you anywhere. In fact, this kind of practice will lead to increased bounce rates and lost visitor trust.

Embed Videos Above the Fold

When the page loads, you want visitors to see that you have a video available. Don’t make them scroll down to find it. Many will leave within seconds if it’s not apparent straight away.

Increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Graphical elements attract attention better than text alone. Video thumbnail previews increase CTR in search results by an average of 41%.

The best way to take advantage of this increased engagement is by using rich video snippets on your website. Google uses rich snippets to present a preview of your content in its search engine results.

Featured Video Snippets

Google now includes relevant video snippets from YouTube in the featured clips area at the top of search results. These video snippets play the portion of the video that answers the searcher’s question. Most often, Google uses “how to” videos here to provide step-by-step instructions to an inquiry.

You can take advantage of this feature by producing helpful how-to videos for common questions in your industry. Remember to direct viewers to your own website when using SEO video on YouTube.

Boost in Engagement

Why bother creating content at all if visitors aren’t engaging with it? We know that consumers prefer to learn via video. Use this to your advantage.

On average, 95% of viewers say that it’s easier to retain information presented in a video format versus any other type.

It’s a faster delivery method too. A video that’s one minute long is equal to reading 1.8 million words.

Video Marketing Ideas

Wondering what kind of videos to make for your marketing campaign? That’ll depend on your business type and goals. That said, here’s a list of the most popular types:

  • Product Information
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Explainer Videos
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Entertainment
  • Live Streaming
  • Customer Testimonials

Choose the one that makes the most sense for your business needs right now. You can always add more as you go.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Add video marketing to your search engine optimization for higher rankings, increased click-through rates, and better content engagement. Get started on a solid video SEO plan today.