How to Brand Yourself for Startup Success in 3 Easy Steps

Would you recognize what golden arches in the shape of an ‘M’ meant without any context? Your mind likely immediately realized I’m talking about the McDonald’s logo.

Why is it that their logo gets recognized around the globe? It’s all about the branding! If you’re looking to be a successful startup, then you need to know how to brand yourself.

Keep reading to learn how in three easy steps.

1. Start With the Basics

One of the best personal branding tips is to start with the basics. Your startup has a purpose. What is it? What services or products do you provide? What’s your niche?

Focus on the goal of your business and start providing the best possible service to your clients. By doing this, you’re already building your personal brand story.

Positive testimonials and social credibility will begin to stack up. These components are exactly what you want your brand to represent.

Statistics show that 92% of consumers trust individual recommendations. That’s why reviews and testimonials are so important.

Remember, McDonald’s didn’t invent the hamburger, and they didn’t become famous overnight. They’re so well-known because they provide uniformity and consistency.

2. Brand Yourself By Standing Out

After remaining consistent, your work will stand on its own. Now it’s time to focus on your brand. What is a personal brand anyway? Personal branding defined means communicating who you are and what you value.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll want to make your business stand out from the competition. Here’s how to create your personal brand:

  • Determine what values are important to you
  • Discover how to you express and stand up for your values
  • Figure out what you want your business to stand for
  • Research your target customers and what’s important to them
  • Collaborate with other experts in your industry
  • Begin growing your online social media presence

Are you still unsure how to go about defining your brand? Don’t hesitate to ask other leaders for recommendations. You can learn a lot from taking a look at other expert’s brands.

3. Allow Room for Growth

It takes a lot of work and focus to build up your brand, but that doesn’t mean you’re locked into it forever.

Consider how McDonald’s has changed over the past few years. Fifteen years ago, you’d never expect a salad meal or fruit in your child’s Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

At the end of the day, you need to leave room for positive growth. Why brand yourself in a way that stunts or limits your growth? Doing so would only be detrimental to your business.

Brand Like a Boss

If you want to get noticed as a startup, then you’ve got to brand yourself. Don’t fade into obscurity. Instead, get the recognition you deserve by making the best brand possible.

Are you still struggling to figure out how to brand yourself or your business? If so, then it’s time to put your trust in a professional. Reach out to the experts at Ignite Creative now by sending us a message.