Here’s Why Real Estate Virtual Tours Are Key To Getting Leads

Did you know that the average price of a newly listed home has increased by 13.5%? Even if this is the case in your area, standing out from the real estate crowd is still vital. 

But how? One method is through real estate virtual tours. 

You might wonder how that could benefit you when selling a home or increasing leads. Read this guide on the various benefits of real estate virtual tours and how they can help you stand out. 

Receive More Website Traffic

Real estate agents love placing these 360 tours on their websites. It helps produce real estate leads by increasing traffic.

More clicks also mean an increase in sales and higher traffic stats. Your real estate site will also rank higher in search results. 

Reduced Costs

Virtual tours allow leads to decide if a home is right for them in advance. You’ll save time and gas money by them viewing the inside of the home online. 

Virtual house tours help eliminate the issue of convincing them after arriving at the location. It’ll save your time and theirs in finding the right property. 

Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

bounce rate is when someone visits your site by only viewing one page. Virtual tours will help increase engagement by having visitors stay on your website for longer. 

Virtual tours don’t have to be long, either. Many of them only take a minute. A decrease in bounce rate could mean improving site traffic and customer retention. 

Increased Closing Rates

Now you could stand out in the real estate industry. You won’t be just another real estate broker or agent since you’ll have highly engaging content.

Pictures just aren’t the same. This means that the clients who have viewed the virtual tour are probably more serious about buying the home.

They’ve seen how it’s structured and organized overall. If the home matches the virtual tour, there’s a good chance they’ll move forward with it. You’ll have a higher likelihood of phone calls from potential buyers more interested in closing the deal. 

Higher Reliability

Potential customers might view you as more reliable. They won’t have to view several properties in person to find the right candidate. Instead, they’ll only visit homes that they’re serious about. 

Interest in the properties will increase due to the tours. People will feel that they’re actually there taking a tour. They’ll then know if this is the right home for them. 

Real Estate Virtual Tours and Their Various Benefits

After reading this guide, it should be clear why real estate virtual tours are gaining in popularity. You’ll want to get started with virtual tours and reap the benefits. 

Are you ready to get started enjoying an increase in promising leads? Then, contact us today! 

We create virtual tours for real estate agents and brokers. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help.