Do I Need Web Hosting? Your Essential Guide to Slick Website Management

If you’re a small business or someone who just wants to start their own informational website, you may ask yourself, “Do I Need Web Hosting?” The short answer is yes because, without it, you can’t have a website.

There are many different web hosting companies and many types of web hosting available, so the real question is what kind of web hosting do you need. The right web host can make your life simpler and your website fast and reliable. The wrong one can make your site slow or even go down for periods of time.

We’ll explain the different types of web hosting and what kind of site goes best with them.

Do I Need Web Hosting? Yes, You Do.

Think of web hosting like your online real estate. It’s a place where your website is located, so it can be shown to people when they search for it on Google. There are three main types of web hosting: shared, dedicated and virtual private server.

Without it, your website can’t exist because there is no property for it to sit. It’s like wanting to build a house, but you still need the empty lot to build it on.

Types of Website Hosting

If you have a small website that isn’t e-commerce-based then you could use shared hosting. Think of it like an apartment building where each one is a website and you’re all using the same services. The good news is its less expensive, but if some of your neighbors hog the services or have a high traffic day, then it can impact your site performance.

Virtual private network hosting maintains the shared server-aspect but allows you to have your own piece that no one can share. You have a great range of control and your neighbors don’t impact your performance because they have their own piece of the shared server pie. It’s perfect for medium-sized websites or e-commerce sites that don’t expect a high volume of traffic.

Dedicated Hosting is your own private server that only you use. It’s ideal for larger enterprise-level websites or high-performance e-commerce stores. You have complete control of all resources and full reign of how those resources are used.

Customer Service Matters with Web Hosting

When you own a website, there will be a time when something goes wrong. It could be your site suddenly slows or goes down, your site gets hacked, etc. When this happens, you need someone you can call and get reliable help.

Check out reviews of web hosting companies and see how their customer service rates. These are the people you’ll be talking to when you have questions or problems. It’s imperative the customer service be first-rate because every second your site is down your losing customers and traffic.

Chooses your Web Hosting Wisely

Do I need web hosting? Yes, but don’t just choose a company based on faith or top search results. Take the time to research and find out which company is best for you and what type of hosting is best for your site.

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