Click Here Now! Creating a Call for Action That Works

Imagine you’re driving and you pull up to an intersection. There’s no stop sign or traffic light. What do you do? 

Without a road sign telling you what to do, you might feel confused, lost, and uncertain.

As a business owner, you never want a customer to feel this way when they visit your website. 

Luckily, there is an internet equivalent to a road sign — the call to action or CTA. 

Read on to learn how to create a call for action that will point your customer in the right direction. 

Keep It Simple

Your CTA should encourage your customer to take one action. It might seem like a good idea to list everything you have to offer, but it can actually work against you. 

In fact, the more options there are, the harder it is to make a decision. This is demonstrated in the famous jam study in which grocery store shoppers were offered samples of 24 different jams. On a different day, there were only 6 options.

Those who had more options to choose from were one tenth as likely to buy the jam as the people with fewer options.  

Less is more. Decide on one result you want and create your CTA with that in mind. 

Use Command Verbs

Whether you’re using a button or an internal link call to action, start with a command verb.

Think back to the driving analogy above. A stop sign says STOP, which commands you to halt your vehicle. You don’t have to interpret it, the meaning is clear. Plus, it’s concise enough to fit on a sign.

The same concept applies to a CTA. If you have a minimalistic website design that centers around a sign-up button, you don’t have much space.

Decide what action is the most important for your business. Then, choose a command verb that matches that action.

Do you need newsletter subscribers? Do you want people to download an eBook? Are you selling a product?

Command verbs like Subscribe, Download, or Buy will tell your customers what to do next. 

Give Your Customer a Reason to Act

Sign Up and Register Now are common CTAs. But, these examples don’t tell the customer what they’ll get in return.

A better choice would be Sign Up for a Free Trial. This clearly tells the customer that they’ll get a free trial if they sign up. It gives them a reason to make a decision.

Think of your product or service’s unique selling proposition. Why should the customer choose your business over a competitor?

For example, if your business offers free shipping and your competitors don’t, you could highlight that in your call for action. Order Now to Get Free Shipping is a good example. It encourages the customer to take action so they can get the free shipping.

Grow Your Business with the Right Call for Action

No matter your industry, your business won’t work without customers. Luckily, you can convert your website visitors into customers with the right call for action.

But, even the best CTA won’t work without the right web or graphic design. Contact us today and we’ll help your business website work for you.