Avoid These Common Airbnb Photography Mistakes

Up and up. That would be the number of vacation property renters over the next four years. Statista research shows a growth of 2.4%, which means that renters will top the 64 million mark by 2028. With this kind of increase, it’s important to get the most out of your photos for your Airbnb or vacation rental listing. We wrote last month about the importance of high-quality imagery in attracting potential guests to your vacation property. This month, let’s delve into some common photography pitfalls that hosts often encounter. We’ll also talk about how to sidestep them in order to showcase your space in its best light.

Neglecting Proper Lighting

One of the most important elements in photography, especially for showcasing interiors, is lighting. And lighting can certainly be tricky. Dimly lit or overly harsh lighting can distort the appearance of your space, making it less appealing and sometimes downright gloomy, which is the last thing you want. Your goal is to get soft, natural light, so it’s best to take photos during the day when natural light streams in through windows. It will give the space a warm and inviting feeling, which is what you’re after. 

Misleading Angles

It’s tempting to showcase your Airbnb from its most flattering angles, but be wary of misleading perspectives. Don’t use wide-angle shots that distort room proportions, making spaces appear larger or smaller than they actually are. Instead, shoot from a couple of different angles to provide an accurate representation of the room’s size and layout.


While editing can enhance the visual appeal of your photos, you have to strike a balance and avoid overediting. Using filters or making huge saturation or contrast adjustments can make your images appear unnatural, and your viewers will notice, and that might turn them off enough to click out and do another rental search. 

Ignoring Exterior Shots

While interior photos are fundamental for showcasing your Airbnb’s amenities, don’t overlook the importance of exterior shots. Exterior photos provide guests with a sense of the property’s surroundings, including the neighborhood, landscaping, and curb appeal. Capture shots during different times of the day to highlight the property’s exterior in various lighting conditions.

Using Too Many Photos 

Photos are part of the marketing package you are creating, so you want to be intentional. While you can upload up to 100 photos of your property, you certainly don’t want to do that. Opinions vary, but we think that 20-30 is plenty. After all, potential guests aren’t likely to scroll through 50 photos; by that time, they’ve probably already made their decision. So choose your best dynamic pics, and use those. 

Quality photography can make a big difference when you want to attract guests to your rental. The vacation rental industry will likely continue to see huge gwroth in the next few years. By avoiding some of these common mistakes you can improve your listing. Do you need help photographing your Airbnb rental? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today