5 Ways You Can Modernize Your Business Logo in 2023

For the first time in 60 years, the Nokia brand is changing its business logo and other aspects of its marketing. Even the best brands in the world need the latest marketing tips to update their logo design and attract new customers.

But how can you modernize your business logo design for 2023?

So here is your branding guide for the best ways to make your logo relatable this year.

5 Tips for Modernizing Your Business Logo This Year

The first tip for modernizing your business logo in 2023 is to keep the style simple. The business world is full of competition, which means it’s easy to put too many elements into your business logo. But this can be detrimental to your brand image.

That’s why it’s important to keep things minimal.

1. Less Is More

With the rise of minimalism trends, it’s good to stay relevant and maintain a simple image. This allows your brand to communicate clearly to your consumers and business colleagues.

Plus, simplicity in your business logo is a great way to ensure that people remember your business name. You can also place a simple logo on different products, so you don’t need to make any edits when creating marketing material in the future.

2. Focus On Contrast

Contrast is a small way to make the features of your logo stand out. One major part of getting people to remember your brand is to create a great first impression. If the elements are too subtle, it will be easy for people to overlook your logo.

You can create contrasts with different shapes and font sizes which brings attention to your business name.

3. Experiment With New Fonts

Once you decide on the font for your business logo, it will be associated with your brand. One way to modernize your logo is to experiment with new fonts.

The typography of your logo reflects your brand identity and personality, so you want to ensure that it’s an accurate representation of your values. If you feel like making a change, start with a new font and give your brand a new image.

4. Be Careful With Color

Color is another essential ingredient to a successful brand logo. But, it can be tempting to place many different colors in a small space because you can’t decide. Placing too many colors in your logo is distracting and will make it hard for people to read the font.

For example, muted colors are a huge trend right now. In contrast to flashy colors, muted colors are more serene and create a calm atmosphere.

5. Maximize Empty Space

Typically, brand logos have a lot of empty space as the majority of the design is covered with text. So, it’s important to make use of the empty space if you want to upgrade the design.

Space can help guide people to the main area of the logo and focus attention on your brand name. You can ensure that the space is maximized during revisions with your marketing team.

Create a New Business Logo With a Modern Touch

You can find endless branding tips online, but modernizing your business logo should be the top of your concerns. To get the right design, you need to work with a professional team with branding experience.

Contact our team to discuss your marketing options for logo design here.