5 Unmissable Benefits of Local SEO for Attorneys

Did you know 97% of consumers look online to find local businesses? That’s right: the time of the yellow pages is officially over.

So, how can you make sure that your law firm shows up during these searches? It’s easy: you need to use local SEO (search engine optimization).

But most people that talk about local SEO seem to be small businesses. What can a law firm gain from using local SEO? Here, we’ll cover the top 5 benefits of local SEO for attorneys.

1. Local SEO Helps Your Practice Shows Up When Someone Needs You

One of the biggest benefits of local SEO is that it presents your practice to someone in need. If you master local SEO, your business will appear in the search results of someone located near your practice. And it’ll happen right as they need you the most.

This is part of the reason why SEO leads will close 10x more often than outbound leads. 

2. It Can Link Cell Phone Users to Your Business Line

If you’ve ever looked up a business on your phone, you’ve likely noticed the “call” button located next to the business’s name and address. This call button is one of the biggest benefits of optimizing your local SEO.

If a potential client searches for an attorney, they’ll be given a direct link to call you and a direct link with directions to your practice. This is one of the most effective ways to get new clients in the door.

3. Local SEO Can Help You Establish Yourself as a Local Law Expert

Using content marketing to promote local SEO is a great way to build trust in your business. When individuals looking for legal advice see your practice come up, it establishes you as an authority figure on the subject.

That way, if they decide they need an attorney to help with their legal problems yours is the first name that comes to mind. And that will help make your law practice stand out from others nearby.

4. It Helps Make Your Name More Prominent

Local SEO also makes your name more prominent among people in your area. It’s not just about content marketing. It’s the fact that any time they Google something related to your practice, they’re likely to see your name come up.

This will help your name become more familiar in your local area. And that means that they’ll be more likely to think of you next time they need legal representation.

5. Local SEO Drive Business Traffic

Finally, local SEO does what SEO is known for: it improves traffic to your website. When your website ranks better on Google, more people visit your page. And when more people visit your page, you’re more likely to get new leads.

So don’t get lazy when it comes to website design! Constantly updating your page is necessary to remain well-ranked on Google.

Now You Know the Benefits of Local SEO for Attorneys!

Now you know the top benefits of local SEO for your law practice. But why spend all your time focusing on your website when you have a business to run?

Consider hiring Ignite Creative. Our local SEO experts can optimize your business web page in no time! Contact us today to find out how we can help your law firm’s business thrive!