5 Signs Your Website Design Needs Improvement

About one in five businesses say their main website issue is low traffic. Without engaging website design, the visitors you do attract might leave. You’ll lose potential leads and sales as a result.

If these five business web design issues sound familiar, it’s time to consider making improvements! With help from an experienced website design agency, you can turn your site into a lead-generating machine.

Read on to discover the signs it’s time to upgrade your web design today!

1. Inconsistent Branding

Consistent branding can boost revenue by 23%! As people continue seeing your brand on different platforms, brand awareness will grow into brand recognition. You’ll have an easier time lingering in the consumer’s mind as a result.

If your branding looks different between one page and the next, website visitors might think they’ve visited a different website. They might leave your site without converting, costing you potential leads.

Maintain brand consistency across every page to encourage brand recognition. Make sure your website’s visual branding follows your company’s core brand guidelines. 

2. Clutter

Trying to shove too many elements onto a single page can overwhelm visitors. Minimize clutter by adding negative space to your pages.

Using negative space will help you direct visitors to specific page elements (like your forms!). 

3. Lack of Focus

Each page on your business website should have a singular focus. That focus should remain consistent between the:

  • Page title/header
  • URL
  • Body text
  • Imagery
  • Call to action

Otherwise, visitors might feel confused. Instead of completing an action (like contacting you or making a purchase), they’ll leave.

Make sure each page on your website has a singular focus.

4. Not Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-friendly website will help you engage visitors regardless of the device they’re using. Run your website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to confirm it’s optimized. If it’s not, your organic search engine rankings might drop (Google checks the mobile version of your site first when determining rankings).

5. No SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your organic rankings rise on search engine result pages. Higher rankings will allow you to appear in front of consumers who want your products and services.

Your website design can affect your search engine optimization efforts. Work with a digital marketing agency that offers web design and development services. They can optimize your content and technical SEO to help boost your rankings. 

Make sure the agency follows Google’s Core Web Vitals, too. These guidelines will help you offer visitors a positive user experience. Ensuring your website is easy to explore can help you generate more leads. 

Improve Your Website Design With Professional Services

Lackluster website design could impede your ability to generate leads and sales. If these five design issues sound familiar, hire a professional web design and development agency. With help, you can wow visitors with an eye-catching, engaging business website. 

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