5 Logo Design Tips That Will Help You Create a Professional Looking Logo

What do iconic brands such as Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s have in common? Not only are they some of the most recognizable brands in America, but they all have an easily identifiable logo. 

If one sees the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s arches, the brand instantly comes to mind. Effective logo design is imperative to your company’s branding. Your logo will be the key visual representation of your company to clients and potential clients. 

Continue to read to learn more about logo design and how logos help express your brand identity. 

Tip 1: Stay on Branding 

When designing a logo for your company, make sure it reflects your branding. If you have specific company colors, incorporate them!

Your logo will be on all of your marketing materials, website, and perhaps your products themselves. This is why it is important that your branding is consistent. 

When marketing efforts are inconsistent with your branding, this will confuse and seem unprofessional to potential customers. 

Tip 2: Create Something Unforgettable 

All of the logos mentioned above share a core commonality; they are unforgettable. Logos have immense power. Imagine a customer seeing your logo and instantly thinking of your company. A logo’s value can be priceless. 

As you design your logo, go in with the goal of creating something easy to remember and “catchy.” Like a “catchy” song that you cannot get out of your head, create a logo that sticks in the mind.

The best logos are simple. Overcomplicated logos can not only be unattractive but often difficult to recall. 

Tip 3: It’s Okay To Be Inspired 

If you choose to copy an iconic logo, you can expect a massive lawsuit. Copyright laws are aggressive and have significant consequences. While it is never alright to copy a logo, it is more than okay to take inspiration.

Maybe there is a certain company that has a logo design that you like. What elements of the design appeal to you?

Is it the colors? The symbol on it? Determine what aspects attract you and let them be a guide in your design process. Always ensure your work is original, but being inspired is a good thing. 

Tip 4: Seek Team Member and Client Feedback 

Company authorities will always have the final say on logo design. It is helpful to seek opinions, however.

Whether you show preliminary designs to team members or frequent customers, hearing the thoughts of people you trust can be a comfort in the design process. 

Tip 5: Do Not Rush Logo Design; Take Your Time 

Some companies are in a rush to get a logo out to help promote their products or services. While you want to be proactive and get recognized in your industry, this should never compromise quality marketing. 

If you want to design an unforgettable logo that could have immense value in the future, take your time in the logo design process. Consult others’ opinions and go through multiple different design options. Do not settle until you created the perfect logo for your company. 

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