5 Key Reasons Why Your New Landscaping Company Needs a Lawn Care Blog

You have a website for your landscaping company. Do you really need a lawn care blog too?

Yes! The reason? It’s an easy way to gain more clients. 

The landscaping services industry includes 506,470 businesses. Starting a blog is one way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Blogging grows your website content and makes it easier for people to find you. It gives you another avenue for connecting to leads.

Still not convinced? We’ve created a list of five reasons your landscaping company needs to start a blog now.

1. Increase Traffic

A blog adds more content to your website. That content gives you more opportunities for inserting keywords related to landscaping and lawn care. It’s also a good place for local keywords, which helps you find your target audience.

All of that search engine optimization gives your website more opportunities to rank higher in the search results. When someone searches for a topic you wrote a blog post on, they may find your website. If they’re local, they may explore the site a little more and contact you for more information on your services.

2. Save Money on Inbound Marketing

Creating a blog is a form of inbound marketing. Instead of pushing advertising on consumers who may not be interested, you’re sending out a beacon to draw in the people who are interested. 

Inbound marketing is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing. This can keep your marketing budget smaller.

Your blog content is always available, which means it can attract potential customers any time of day or night.  

3. Build Trust With Customers

Your website lists your services, but how do customers know they can trust you? 

A lawn care blog puts your landscaping expertise on display. You can shine with detailed information about common lawn care concerns. Readers start to realize you have a solid knowledge base.

Building that trust can help convince prospects to call you for an appointment or consultation.

4. Show off Your Work and Brand Personality

Another use for your blog is to show off your landscaping and lawn care work. Blog posts should be informational and offer value rather than being overly promotional. But you can still incorporate examples of work you’ve done, testimonials, and stories of solutions you’ve used.

Blogging is also a way to establish your company’s branding. Research shows that businesses can see a 23% increase in revenue with the use of consistent branding across platforms.

Use your blog to set yourself apart with your company’s unique voice and brand personality. It helps grow familiarity and connections with potential customers.

5. Offer Value

An information lawn care blog post answers questions potential customers have. It offers them value for free. They get the information they want without paying anything, and people want to feel like they’re getting value.

It’s also an easy way for you to share information and answers to common questions. Instead of answering lots of individual inquiries with the same questions and concerns, your customers or prospects can find the answers for themselves. It can free up more of your time.

After you offer that valuable information, you can work in an effective call to action. Think of it as a gentle nudge to turn a casual reader into a hot prospect or customer.

Start a Lawn Care Blog

A lawn care blog may seem like one more time-consuming task in your day. But it can help generate new business in a cost-effective way. 

Need some help getting your blog up and running? Check out our creative services, including SEO and content creation, to make the task easier.