5 Examples of how you can build your business online

Research reveals an expected $6.4 trillion in online sales by 2024. That’s huge and about 22% of total retail sales. This increase is evident in the continuous rise in eCommerce sales over the years. This data makes it clear that online is the future of business.

Everyone’s confident you have the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed with a business. But you may not know where to begin. Here are 5 creative ways to start building your brand online.

How to grow your new Service based business online

It doesn’t take a business degree to get your business seen online. It only takes a cool website design and some creative marketing to get your foot in the door.

See if any of these ideas pique your interest. If so, Ignite Creative can help build your brand. 

1. Landscaper

Residential and commercial landscaping are lucrative businesses. Matter of fact, 72% of the landscaping industry are small business owners. And where do you think homeowners find a landscaper?

You’ll need a website that provides a complete menu of your services. Images of your work and client testimonials could help too. And you can rank high in Google search with the right website design and SEO strategy.

2. Plumber

Getting started takes more than word of mouth to build your plumbing business? If that’s what you depend on, your marketing strategy is decades behind. Social media is the new word of mouth. 

You need to optimize your plumbing website and social media presence. When someone searches, “Find a plumber near me,” you want your website to grab their attention. Graphic design and social media marketing can build your customer base. 

3. HVAC Technician 

What do summer, spring, winter, and fall have in common? They’re all times when people rely on their HVAC system. And like other household equipment, they need regular servicing.

Don’t let people wonder if you’re licensed and certified. You need a website that showcases your credentials. The right website design company can create a place to capture customer reviews too.

4. Construction Engineer

Online real estate sales and services continue to grow. And brokers keep a pipeline of clients coming from online lead generation. If you’re considering construction, choose online marketing to build your business. 

For people to trust you with their biggest purchase you need a construction website. You can advertise services, build a portfolio, and track prospective clients.

5. Electrician

When people lose power they use alternative means to search for an electrician. So not only do you need a business website. But you need a website optimized for mobile devices.

Some business websites aren’t mobile-friendly and they lose customers. Your new online electrician business can’t afford that. Ignite Creative knows exactly what you need to keep the lights on. 

Get Started Building your business online

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed about starting your online business. Concentrate your energy on ways to best serve your customers. Let the website professionals create and maintain your digital presence. 

Ignite Creative is the one-stop web design shop for small businesses. Contact us and watch your online business soar.