3 Tips for a Successful Brand Awareness Campaign

You’ve got a great minimalist website and you’re working on your SEO efforts but how do you run a proper brand awareness campaign?

You want to build awareness around your brand but you want to make sure that you’re moving the needle on the important metrics in your campaign. You don’t want the exposure you get to be one and done.

Continue reading this article to learn three tips for a successful brand awareness campaign that will help your business grow.

Must-Know Tips for Your Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand awareness can be a tricky subject but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a winning campaign.

1. Optimize Your Website for Keywords

When you create your website pages and blog posts, you’ve most likely been focusing on your SEO efforts and targeting one high-value keyword. While this is a great idea, you can also optimize the same post for other related keywords.

If you notice you’re ranking around position 7 or 8 for a keyword but you don’t have that specific keyword in the content, you can add it to a header or even within the content’s paragraphs and you may notice you start ranking higher.

Continue to optimize your content and find keywords you can include within your content for more visibility.

2. Create Shareable Content

People go crazy for sharing content online. If you give them half a reason to share your content, it’s going on their timeline.

Since it’s not hard to convince people to share great content, focus on creating content that is educational or entertaining. People love sharing helpful information with their friends and they love sharing funny posts with their friends.

Think of content you can create that is likely to go viral. Viral content can help you grow your brand awareness and even help you increase the size of your email list.

3. Buy Targeted Ads

Ads are another great way to get people to see your brand. Whether you’re buying Facebook ads or ads on Google, you can get a lot of attention by paying for targeted ads.

Before you start spending money on ads, you should ensure that you are targeting the right people. If you target the right people, you’ll be able to access an almost unlimited number of people that are potentially interested in doing business with your brand.

Depending on your budget, you can go as wide or narrow as you want with your targeting. If you want to only target people that have already visited your website and you have the data, you can retarget them and continue to build their brand awareness through reoccurring ads.

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