3 Benefits of Using Real Estate Photography

2021 was a big year for residential real estate, with over 6 million existing homes sold at often incredibly high prices. The reasons for that are complex, but below-average new home construction for years played a big role. The US remains millions of homes short of the inventory it needs.

While the bottom hasn’t fallen out of the real estate market, high mortgage rates have cooled the market. Simply putting a home on the market isn’t a guarantee of a sale anymore.

Agents and homeowners alike will need to fall back a bit more on things like good real estate photography to entice buyers. Not sure what professional real estate photography will do for you? Keep reading for three major benefits.

1. Higher Quality Results

While there isn’t really a specific real estate photography camera, the average consumer-grade camera typically isn’t up to the challenge. Unless you’re in that small subset of people who do photography as a very serious hobby, the odds are very good that a professional will use much better cameras for real estate photography than you can.

While it’s true that a better camera alone won’t get you great pictures, it goes a long way toward getting you the high-quality images you want for real estate listings.

2. Framing

Great real estate photography isn’t just about getting good, clear images of the rooms and landscaping. If that’s all it took, any college student with a concentration in photography could get the job done.

Good real estate photography evokes emotions in the people who see them. It takes a professional eye to know when to take the pictures. Your backyard might look fine during the day, but positively magical at sunset.

A pro will look for those opportunities to frame the images in ways that trigger a positive emotional response. That, in turn, can trigger the emotional decision-making that often underlies a home purchase.

3. Unusual Angles

Most real estate photography happens at eye level or ground level. It’s a traditional approach, and you should embrace it for most of the pictures. Yet, it’s not the only option.

Some professional photography services also offer real estate drone photography. Drone photography offers you the chance to showcase your home from unusual angles or even from above.

While it won’t necessarily lock a buyer in, offering a different vantage point can help push someone from a casually looking mindset into a potential buyer mindset.

Real Estate Photography and You

With the residential real estate market running a bit cooler than it was a year ago, sellers can’t assume they’ll sell just by listing the property. You’ll probably find it necessary to jump through a few more hoops.

Part of that is simply staging your home for potential buyers to see, either in person or via a video tour. You’ll also want some high-quality real estate photography to put up with the listing.

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