3 Benefits of Infographics for Small Business Websites

Over 90% of marketers use digital content to approach their clients, including blogs, videos, and infographics.

The latter, infographics, are a great way to breakdown huge chunks of content using imagery and minimal text. With a well-designed infographic, you can grab the consumer’s attention and drive their interest! 

In fact, 72% of marketers claim content marketing has quantifiably improved engagement with prospective customers. 

Still on the fence? Keep reading to discover the top three benefits of infographics for your small business website. By discovering these infographics benefits, you can give your content marketing the boost it needs to succeed!

1. Draw the Eyes

Infographics are fun, creative pieces of content that transform numbers, statistics, and figures into a story. By using an infographic on your small business site, you can draw the eyes and capture the reader’s attention.

Infographics for small businesses offer an effective way to persuade your target audience, too. The information you offer will provide them with the data they need. Proving compelling, helpful data can help consumers see you as a credible resource in your niche industry. 

Don’t forget to add brand elements when designing your infographics. One of the benefits of infographics is they’re visual. Once you draw the eyes, you can use your infographic to communicate your brand.

As a result, you’ll become more memorable to your target audience. The next time they need your product or service, they’ll remember you!

2. Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. To accomplish a higher search ranking, you need to create content your target audience wants to read. As you attract more people to your site, your ranking will improve. 

A higher ranking will position you above the competition. At the same time, you’re showing consumers that you’re a knowledgeable resource in your industry. As your ranking increases, you can prove yourself as a thought leader in your niche, improving your brand authority. 

A top rating will help you attract more traffic to your site, too. In fact, the top three organic positions on Google earn 75.1% of all clicks

Without a top SEO ranking, you could miss out on potential customers.

Instead, your competitors will attract those leads instead. 

By improving your SEO, you’ll boost your brand awareness, brand authority and credibility, site traffic, and more!

3. Generate More Leads

Once you generate more website traffic and use your infographics to prove your expertise, you can start generating more leads.

Consumers trust companies that are well-informed. You can use your infographic to show customers you’re knowledgeable. As brand trust develops, you can turn that trust into loyalty to retain repeat customers.

Small business website infographics are also easy-to-share pieces of content. When your readers share your infographics with friends and colleagues, you have the potential to gather more leads!

Getting Graphics: The Top Benefits of Infographics for Small Business Sites

By adding an infographic to your website, you can attract prospects, boost brand awareness, and build your business. These three benefits of infographics for small business websites are only the start! 

Eager to get creative with your next infographic? Contact us today to get started.